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    How Can Investing In Luxurious Real Estate Properties Be Useful To NRIs?

    For Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), investing in luxurious real estate properties can be a great way to ensure a comfortable retirement. In spite of where they live, NRIs find the experience of owning property in India truly impressive. Market analysts claim that the biggest advantage for NRIs investing in immovable property in India is that they face essentially no legal requirements. They merely need to finish the real estate registration processes. Not only can these properties provide a steady income stream, but they can also appreciate value over time.  

    What Is Luxurious Real Estate?

    Luxurious real estate is any property that is considered with opulent features and facilities, premium materials, sculpted lots, desirable locations, greater sqaure footage, stunning surroundings and views are just a few examples of the things that go into the cost of a luxury home.Luxurious real estate can be found at nearly any location,but luxury within the reach of everyone is hard to get. One such experience can be rejoiced by an individual at  upcoming luxury apartments in Mumbai.

    While the definition of luxurious real estate can vary depending on who you ask, there are generally three factors that are used to determine if a property is considered luxurious: size, finishes, and amenities.

    Size is the most obvious factor when it comes to determining if a property is luxurious. Larger properties – whether they be homes, apartments, or even commercial buildings often have their own charms. The huge livings and bedrooms spaces an open design always elevates the property into a luxury grade – These properties are typically more expensive than their smaller counterparts and are therefore, often seen as being more elite.

    Finishes refers to the materials and construction methods and the technology used in building a property. Finishing includes quality of  plastering, painting, ponting, white washing etc.  Higher-quality finishes made from natural materials like stone or wood – are often more expensive and are associated with luxury.

    Amenities are another critical factor in determining if a property is luxurious. Amenities are usually provided for leisure purpose. It helps an user to indulge into the soothing state of mind. High-end amenities – such as swimming pools, private gardens, concierge services, and so on – are often considered more luxurious than those without them ( mention the different types of high end amenities)


    Regarding real estate investment, there are numerous benefits that come along with investing in luxurious ongoing residential properties in Mumbai and across India. 

    1. Increased Property Value: Being a tangible asset, investing in luxurious real estate tends to appreciate much faster than other types of properties. It means that NRIs can see a significant return on their investment over time.
    2. Rental Income Potential: Another great benefit of investing in luxurious real estate is that these properties often have the potential to generate rental income. It can be a handy income stream for NRIs looking for a way to supplement their earnings.
    3. Tax Benefits: Investing in luxurious real estate can give NRIs several tax benefits. In many cases, the taxes associated with these types of investments are significantly lower than what would be paid on other investments. It can help to save NRIs a significant amount of money over time.


    There are many reasons why investing in luxurious real estate properties can be helpful to NRIs. First, luxurious real estate groups like MICL Group generally appreciate at a higher rate than non-luxurious properties so that NRIs can see a good return on their investment over time. In addition, luxurious real estate can provide NRIs with a place to stay when they visit India, rather than having to pay for hotels every time they come back home. Moreover, staying in their property in India gives them a deep-rooted sentiment of connection and makes them feel at home. 

    And finally, owning luxurious real estate can help NRIs build their social status and improve their reputation within the Indian community. Overall, investing in luxury real estate is a wise choice for NRIs who want to improve their financial and social standing. If you are looking for an apartment in Juhu, MICL groups provide many luxury properties to choose from.