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    Disclaimer: Site Address Aaradhya Avaan, Ground Floor, Shreepati Arcade, Nana Chowk, Kemps Corner, Gamdevi, Grant Road, Mumbai-400007 “Aaradhya Avaan” comprises of 2 (two) Sale Towers namely Tower A and Tower B and 1 (one) Rehab-Cum-Sale Tower namely Tower C; all being part of “Aaradhya Avaan”, Project is jointly developed by Shreepati Skies (R R Chaturvedi) (“Promoter 1”) and Man Vastucon LLP (“Promoter 2”) (collectively “Promoters”) via MahaRERA registration no. P51900048675. The details of the said Project are available on the website of MahaRERA at under registered projects. All Brochures/Leaflets/Pamphlets/ads/ walk through presentations/ master plan/layout plan or any other document including photographs, images, surrounding views as shown in the renders/presentations, designs, plans, specifications, layout, height, dimensions, facilities, vegetation, features, furniture & fixtures, amenities and communication, are merely an artistic impression and imagination and may vary to actual project on site. The actual and physical features, amenities and facilities in the said Project or the flat/unit would be in accordance with plans and specifications approved by the competent authorities. The said Project is mortgaged in favour of IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited acting as Security Trustee for IndusInd Bank Limited (‘the Lender’). No Objection Certificate from the Security Trustee/Lender will be provided for sale of flat/unit in the said Project, if required. T&C Apply.

    MICL Realtors and Developers Roars Towards Real Estate

    • MICL Group
    • April 11, 2022

    Real estate Developers in Mumbai

    It comes as no surprise when people decide to move to Mumbai. A possible shot at a better lifestyle and opportunities. One of the major factors one keeps in mind is an ideal place to live. And ideal place definitely has to have important things tick marked like, good location, connectivity, and the price. Mumbai needless to say, has many such ideal dwellings, right from small suburbs to the uptowns. Since Mumbai one of the Most sought-after cities, many realtors are up grab opportunities to invest in lands on which they can build their properties, be it residential or commercial. Mumbai one of the flourishing cities of India that has witnessed rapid growth. When it comes to housing, the progression is visibly clear with the modern amenities and architecture. There are many real estate developers in mumbai that have found a position at the top of list of good housings. One of those companies is MICL.

    About MICL

    Though it’s been only seven years since MICL has stepped into the field of development, they have 50 years of expertise and skills in the field of construction. This ambitious venture began with their parent company, Man Infraconstruction Ltd.
    Man Infraconstruction Ltd. In was started by Mr. Parag Shah’s father Mr. Kishore Shah and his uncle Mr. Prabodh Shah in 1964. By honing their skills and knowledge under the parent company gave a boost of confidence to MICL to make their mark in construction. The two essentials goals that MICL has always strived to achieve is building their trust amongst customers and delivering quality.
    Back in 1964, the Company’s turnover then was Rs. 30 lakhs and its team comprised of only 9 employees. The big breakthrough came in 1997, when, Man Infra won the contract to construct India’s first private port, JNPT in Navi Mumbai. The project was completed ahead of schedule. Since then, then company has successfully completed work on 5 private ports in India.
    Pan India, Man infra completed construction of approximately 50 million sq.ft. of Residential Commercial & Industrial Building Construction. When the company took the decision to go public in 2010, the IPO was oversubscribed by 63 times.
    As of now, Man Infra has employed more than 600 employees and has a Net worth of Rs. 634 crores.
    MICL so far outdone itself in the field of construction. Currently, MICL is executing 6  Ongoing Residential projects in Mumbai.
    MICL doesn’t only focus its construction expertise on buildings, but also has lent it towards building infrastructures like roads, bridges, etc.

    To this date, MICL is the only brand to deliver projects before time, and needless to say, with the promised quality intact.

    Manan Shah and Parag Shah, the two pillars of MICL

    Parag Shah

    Boasting 25 years of experience in the construction industry, he is a proud promoter of Man Infraconstruction Ltd. At a young age of 22, he became an official member of the company in the year 1991. He holds a degree in commerce. It was proud moment for him, when in 1997 under his leadership the company scored a contract for the construction of the first private port in India at Nhava Sheva, JNPT.

    Manan Shah
    He is a young member of MICL with a strong vision, and a goal to thrive. He has never failed to make the right call that he deems fit for the development of the company. After completing his Management Program from Kingston University London, Mr. Manan Shah, Mr. Parag shah’s son joined Man Infra in 2013 and currently heads the Real estate division.

    He is involved in the formulation of strategy planning, marketing and overall execution of the Real estate Projects. He holds a strong belief in exceeding client’s expectations, and to do this he makes sure that every detail and quality of work is on the same level as international standards.
    With solid commitment and passion, Mr. Manan Shah strives to bring originality in the field of architecture. With his polished skills, he has taken MICL to new levels of success.

    Achievements of MICL
    Ever since its inception, MICL has had many feathers added to its cap. MICL Group is renowned to have delivered all its projects before time. Four projects with OC has been delivered by MICL Group since 2015.

    Philosophy of Man Infra

    Quality: We provide best quality value and service to our customers. Superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, and seamless finishes is synonymous with ‘Aaradhya’. We follow best quality standards right from the quality of construction to the amenities we offer.

    Commitment: We respect the aspirations of our customers. Hence, we deliver what we promise. Our unique approach to personalized service and client goal realization are what help separate us from our competition.

    Trust & Transparency: All the clients are given true an thorough information about the progress of the project and related matters. We aim to maintain long-term relationship with our Customers.

    Timely Delivery: We aim to deliver our projects on time. We are committed to our customers and adherence to delivery schedules is our Motto.

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