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    New Luxury Housing Trends That The Future Demands

    Sipping your evening coffee while lounging on a chair overlooking the unobstructed views of the skyline while grooving to Beethoven is our vision of Luxury in modern days. With the hustle involved every day, an individual often needs to remember his needs and expectations. Luxury today stands for comfort in living. 

    Luxury housing has gained massive momentum among the major real estate segments in India today. Not only has it made a dynamic comeback after the long period of lockdown, but it has also widely insulated itself from the broader market conditions. Moreover, the luxury market has also emerged as a desirable place to invest because it is driven by highly wealthy customers and is no more dependent on home loans. 

    Innovation, as well as exposure to global aesthetics, have changed our way of living in India. With the value of house ownership rising to the fore, buying a luxury property—a significant lifestyle statement—is the logical next move. 

    Leading developers like the MICL Group have successfully translated changing trends into upscale buildings that fit the needs of customers and the market, along with the promise of enriched and magnificent living with their 2,3 and 4 BHK in Ghatkopar east

    MICL’s Aaradhya One Earth in Ghatkopar offers its consumers a choice to live in a rich ecosystem offering a wide array of options for work-live-play. 

    Let’s explore some new housing trends that buyers of luxury homes consider- 

    • Location- While buying a luxury home, people always consider a central location providing the proximity advantage to the customers with 5-star hotels, recreational hubs, airports, colleges, hospitals, and so on. Several categories best describe the important location factors to consider when looking for 2 or 3 BHK apartments in Ghatkopar east. Living close to your place of employment, family, and friends is related to the first category of needs. Your lifestyle and desire to live close to services, facilities and green space are tied to the second category.


    • Amenities And Services- Making a selection regarding your preferred amenities would be beneficial because they are essential to consider while picking your dream property. A property’s amenities give it a recognition of community and enhance its worth, uplifting the brand positioning in the market. Additionally, if you intend to sell your apartment in the future, having more amenities can result in a better resale value as compared to the standalone projects. 


    • Vaastu Compliance For Flats- One of the primary reasons why some Indians reject certain flats is because they do not find luxurious Vaastu-compliant flats. Apartments facing the south are always seen to be terrible from a Vaastu perspective, whereas the ideal entrance orientations are East and North-East, which are said to bring luck and positivity. Therefore, your apartment’s primary entrance should face either the wall’s North or East and be in the northeast direction.


    • Security or Safety Measures- It is obvious that people hope to be able to confidently state that their loved ones and possessions are safe in every way. Therefore, a luxury real estate development needs to have both rigorous human security and robust electronic surveillance and safety measures. 


    • A Profitable Investment- Many NRIs prefer buying luxurious properties in India as they can be a considerable investment option. They engage in real estate either to utilise as rental homes or as investments. This also fulfils their natural desire to be nearer to their roots in the place of origin and the desire to improve family lifestyles and take advantage of long-term price gain.


    Luxury demands a lot more than people usually expect. A house must be more than it seems to be a good luxury investment. However, now, you can enjoy all the comforts of home! The MICL Group has emerged with top luxury apartments in Mumbai with a blend of all these factors. 

    The leading project of MICL, Aaradhya One Earth, has an overabundant 20+ amenities, including a fully equipped fitness centre, spa with jacuzzi & steam, futuristic fully mechanised robotic parking, and so much more. It also abides by the real estate – Regulation and Development Act 2016. The residences are Vaastu compliant and feature high-end floors, appliances, and coverings.